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Table Hosts

HofH Knox (69)What is a Table Host?

A Table Host is an individual who desires to introduce others to Homes of Hope by inviting guests to sit with him/her on the evening of the Gala. Event guests will have an opportunity to give financially, learn about the impact of Homes of Hope in the community, and also learn about volunteer opportunities. 

How can my table contribute?

To help us hit our overall fundraising goal, please prayerfully consider a fundraising goal for your table. Our overall fundraising goal for this event is $200,000. If we can do $4000/Table or $400/Person we will make it!! All proceeds benefit our programs of affordable housing and job training

How many people can I invite?

A full table is 10 guests. You may fill more than one table, selecting a host for each one. 

What are my responsibilities prior to the event?

  • Prayerfully consider the guests you would like to invite.
  • Tell your guests about your involvement with Homes of Hope. As your guests, they care about why you support HOH! At our fundraiser all guests will be given an opportunity to give a donation. 
  • Register your guests online by April 28th.
  • Remind your guests a couple of days before the event to confirm they will be attending.
  • Fill the seats of any of your guests who may have to cancel and contact Brett Porter with any RSVP changes.

What are my responsibilities at the event?

  • Arrive at the Hyatt by 6:00 pm to locate your table & properly greet guests as they arrive. 
  • Grab your table host envelope from the Check-In table.
  • Provide guests with a commitment card located in your Table Host envelope (at registration). Instructions will be given during the program about the commitment card.

If you have any questions about being a table host, please contact Brett Porter.