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Affordable Housing is for Everyone

What is affordable housing and who needs it? Throughout our seventeen years of developing affordable housing across the state of South Carolina we have inevitably stumbled upon some common misconceptions. Some associate affordable housing with an image of individuals who are uneducated, lazy, or looking for a hand-out. However, when we have the opportunity to dispel these stereotypes, by introducing the families we serve-- we do so, and gladly!

In the photo below you'll see the most recent attendees of our quarterly Financial Wellness class. This quarter's subject was Vision Boards and Saving for Goals.  Even the children are learning how to start early to create a successful financial future-- ensuring that generational cycles of poverty are broken in our community. Trinity (front, middle) has already begun putting money in her savings jar and she took it to school this week to show her teacher!


Our clients pictured possess among them three associate degrees, one bachelor's degree with two in progress, and two master's degrees with two more on the way! They are a vibrant cross-section of retired senior adults, military veterans, civil servants, small-business entrepreneurs, and excelling children. They've accomplished so much already but still enthusiastically pursue further knowledge by attending our Financial Wellness classes.

And while we serve a dynamic mix of hard-working families we regret that we have a waiting list of 100 families still hoping for a home. A recent study by the Joint Center for Housing Studies by Harvard University detailed America's mismatch between affordable rental supply and demand. Many cities like Greenville are seeing dramatic reurbanization. New housing is being built but it often excludes those most in need. 50% of renter households make less than $34,000, but only 10% of new units built are affordable at this income. Our homes fill the gap for a mixture of family incomes who would otherwise be without affordable options.

We ask you to continue to pray for our ministry as we seek to meet this rising need while contending with shrinking funding and inflationary pressures on land acquisition. God only knows what purpose and potential could be birthed if all families had a safe and affordable home as a springboard to accomplish their dreams. The photo above is proof that affordable housing benefits not just those in the home, but the entire community as we all glean from the positive contributions of families who are positioned for success. 

I would like to help support affordable housing in my community.

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