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Can't get on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? Call Us!

In a recent blog post we discussed our Owner Occupied Repair program and our ability to perform emergency home repairs for homeowners in need. It’s truly an amazing program which has allowed us to help families obtain handicap accessible ramps, heating and air systems, adequate roofs, etc. However, thanks to today’s phone call from an interested family we are able to look at the OOR program in a whole new light!

Today’s phone call:

“I was thinking about making a DVD to send into that Extreme Home Makeover
show…but I thought I’d call you first….”

We had a good laugh about this in the office due to the humor of being compared to Extreme Makeover. At Homes of Hope we see the importance of providing repairs which are going to enable a family to live safely and securely. We also realize that the challenges one faces to be successful in life are compounded when basic needs aren’t taken care of first. School flashback- Anyone remember Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?maslows-hierarchy-of-needsFor these reasons and others, OORs are such an important component of what we do in our housing program. As our motto states, “It’s not just about houses, it’s about lives.” If we can shelter a family from the elements by providing a new roof, or ensure their children are breathing clean air by removing moldy baseboards, then we know we are doing more than just a basic home repair. The house is getting a makeover, yes. But perhaps the family is getting a makeover too. Worry can cease and peace can begin due to the foundational security that a safe home provides. That’s the type of “extreme” we love to see- extreme peace, confidence, & empowerment for lasting life change!

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