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Dreaming New Dreams at Christmas

Christmas for many of us is a time of pure joy. We reminisce on our memories of the season, and we join with others to create new and lasting memories for the years to come. There can be joy in Christmas for people like me and you, but for many that come to us for help, Christmas is not a joyful time. Rather it’s a reminder of the places of their lives that are lacking. The lack may be represented financially as a family struggles to keep the heat on in a dilapidated home. Or lack may be magnified when a man struggling with an addiction finds that he’s burnt his last bridge and despairs to spend his holiday alone.

At Homes of Hope, we’re honored to work with families to provide them safe and affordable homes where they can treasure life’s special moments. Seeing Christmas through the wonder-filled eyes of a child like Penelope reinforces our call to continue building for more families like hers. In 2014 we’ll pursue major projects throughout the Upstate in housing development that will touch over 100 families.

LoCAL Ribbon Cutting-59

“I am excited about using my pink Christmas tree this year and that my friends and family can come to our new house for Christmas.”
Penelope, Homes of Hope resident, Age 5


“Last year being at Homes of Hope, I spent my first Christmas sober. This Christmas will be even better because I am now a Homes of Hope graduate, drug free, living on my own, and reunited with my little girl.”
Lino and daughter, Aisha

We’re also honored to work with men overcoming addictions to rebuild their lives, often helping them to restore their marriages and responsibility of fatherhood. This month we’re celebrating the graduation of three men who have successfully completed our one-year program. Lino is one of these men. He’s returning home equipped with the skills he needs to be a great father & a productive member of society. New men are already lining up to take his place.

As we review the year we leave behind we celebrate great joys and we’re thankful for your involvement, whether through finances, prayer, or volunteer support. As we move forward into 2014, we anticipate great potential in people and in neighborhoods- but we need your help. Won’t you resolve to join hands with us this holiday season to share the joy you have with others? An end of the year gift is the best way to prepare us to purposefully serve families and men in the coming new year.

Merry Christmas,

Don Oglesby | President/CEO


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