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How You Can Help Families in Poverty

Are you an individual looking for a tangible way to help families in poverty-- in a way that empowers families toward sustainable success, not a hand out?

Are you a church or company with charitable initiatives that include relieving poverty, helping men with addictions lead restored lives, or workforce development?

Homes of Hope is innovatively addressing each of these issues and you can be a part of it-- read on to see how lives are being changed through LoCAL Housing. 


Three years ago Homes of Hope launched LoCAL Housing- a stick-built, highly energy-efficient housing product targeted specifically for families in poverty. Prior to LoCAL Housing, families making less than $1300/month found their housing options limited to mobile homes, dilapidated housing, or government housing. These options incurred high utility bills and provided no measurable assets for families, even after years of residence. These same families often fell below the income qualifications for other affordable housing opportunities, leaving them just out of reach of the dream of self-sufficiency, and even home ownership. LoCAL closes that gap through energy-efficient, asset-building homes that poverty-level families can rent or purchase for $225-275/month.


Equally exciting as this innovative housing product, is the opportunity for men enrolled in Homes of Hope’s one-year job training and mentoring program for men overcoming addictions to learn specialized “green building” skills through their participation in the construction of LoCAL homes. The training that our men received as they build these homes enhances their marketability and positions them for living-wage jobs upon their graduation.

HoH July 2013-6

In September employees from Fluor Corporation will join us on Lincoln Street in Greenville to construct our 7th LoCAL home for a family in poverty. This milestone also marks our 500th home overall!

Our 2013 build resulted in two LoCAL homes in West Greenville. Sam and his son, Jevahn, are one of the families to enter our LoCAL program through a partnership with GAIHN. Previously homeless, Sam and Jevahn, transitioned through the GAIHN program and were identified as a great choice for LoCAL Housing. Sam, a devoted father and diligent worker, along with his son, always made a positive impression on the GAIHN hosts, and were ready to thrive in their own place.


LoCAL housing is funded through charitable contributions from the community in the form of corporate sponsorships, grants, & foundation awards.We are in need of a continued pipeline of financial sponsors to build LoCAL homes. LoCAL is a vitally important housing initiative in Greenville as no other safe, and energy-efficient housing options exist for families at that income.

Cheryl Smith, Fluor Corporation's Senior Manager of Community & Public Affairs has this to say about their LoCAL partnership:

"Homes of Hope's mission is uniquely aligned with Fluor's commitment to social responsibility and maknig a sustainable impact in communities where we have a presence. Fluor's strategic focus area of community and economic development includes supporting organizations that build quality, affordable, and energy-efficient low-income housing, as well as orgzniazations that provide job training or retraining for adults. Homes of Hope does both and Fluor is proud to be a parter. Together we are making the Greenville area a better place to live and work." 

As an individual or company, you can be involved by volunteering at the build, donating to Homes of Hope, or sponsoring a build. Our goal is to build 6 LoCAL homes each year. Will you help us?

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