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My future is Jesus and Bella! | A Father's Reflection at Christmas


 DSC_0048.JPGThe day my daughter Izabella was born, I was knee deep in my addiction. The news of her birth was actually passed down from friend to friend that my mom was at Greenville Memorial hospital and Izabella was born! I came to my senses and went to the hospital to meet my daughter. That day has come to be one of the happiest days of my life.

Unfortunately, the Department of Social Services got involved and Izabella was taken from her mother because of unhealthy living conditions. During this time I was in jail, but went through the channels to attain a paternity test and complete paperwork. Izabella stayed with foster parents for close to 8 months until my sister could attain full custody.

I had not really been able to spend time with Izabella until last year when I was released from the South Carolina Department of Corrections. Upon my release, I entered the Overcomers program at Miracle Hill, and then transitioned to Homes of Hope. 

Thanks to the wonderful ministry of Homes of Hope, and daily devotional teachings on biblical principles, my relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has given me a new relationship from a father's perspective with my 4-year-old daughter, Izabella.

Isreal collage

It's a Merry Christmas for Bella and her Daddy, Isreal-- now free of addiction!  

This holiday season is very special to me unlike many others in the past. I found myself time and time again spending the holidays behind a prison cell door due to my drug and alcohol addiction. Having to undergo such a realization made it extremely difficult for me to get into any sort of holiday spirit. This holiday season I owe the true joy I feel to Jesus.

favoriteBeing at Homes of Hope has given me new direction to focus my life outside the use of drugs and alcohol. I've transferred my attention to a personal relationship with God. Ephesians 4:32 says "be kind to one another, forgiving one another just as Jesus Christ has forgiven you." Today I do my best to live by those exact words by walking in true humility and loving others.

I know now that my past is my past. My future is Jesus and Bella!

- Isreal Randall, Men's Development Intern


Isreal is currently in his seventh month in Homes of Hope's Men's Development program. Due to his humility and proven leadership, he currently serves as the program's Resident Assistant.

Merry Christmas from Homes of Hope! Please consider an end of the year gift to assist our ministry with affordable housing and job training and discipleship for men overcoming addictions.

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I met "Izzy" about 20 yrs ago and we were both reckless young men with no direction or purpose.
Today God has given us both beautiful lives, relationships that are far reaching and understanding of Jesus that brings so much Peace.
Thank you HOH for seeing potential in us and giving us a chance. Thanks Miss Weldon for your continued support.
Peace and Blessings.

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