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Revolutionizing our Communities through Financial Focus

New Years resolutions are a popular January discussion. Not surprisingly, the beginning of a new year is seen as a fresh start; it’s a chance to set goals (and stick to them!) At Homes of Hope we see value in setting goals. We set big picture goals for our ministry as a whole, as well as goals for each individual office. We evaluate our past accomplishments, while taking time corporately to be reminded of the vision this ministry was founded on & continues to grow from.

But the vision casting doesn’t stop there. We are profoundly aware that changing communities to the extent that we feel called involves a radical changing of the mindsets and priorities of the families, individuals, and men that we serve. In short, we strive to inspire new visions and goals for those who seek our help. For instance, a man who has spent decades bound by addiction requires a new vision if he is to succeed addiction-free. This vision for freedom, of course, is found in the pages of the Bible, and is taught and modeled by the leaders of our Men’s Development program who have captured and lived this vision for themselves. For a family in poverty who is accustomed to “robbing Peter to pay Paul” i.e. living desperately paycheck to paycheck, we see an opportunity to work with them to set financial goals and work toward flourishing self-suffiency.

1326843632949Our Asset Development Manager greets class attendants of our first quarterly financial wellness class

For this very reason we have become very focused on helping to improve the financial health of our residents. Offering quality housing at an affordable rate to them helps to relieve some of the financial pressures they may face, but offering them training in budgeting, saving, banking, etc. can revolutionize the entire economy of a particular family. Knowledge is power and this is especially true when it comes to one’s finances. It’s impossible to succeed in an area that you know nothing about. We realize that many of the individuals and families we serve could benefit from some foundational training in money matters and that is precisely why 2012 is our launch year for quarterly financial workshops for our tenants.

These workshops will build on conversations that our Asset Development Staff has already been having with our clients for years. The transition is that now we are becoming more intentional with these conversations and offering them in group settings, while also partnering with other agencies and resources.1326843807583HOH tenant takes notes during financial wellness class
Our first financial wellness class, “Where Does My Money Go?” was held last night at our corporate office, and was taught by a representative from CredAbility, a nonprofit credit counseling and education organization. This class was a great introductory look at financial goal setting and prioritizing ‘Wants VS. Needs.’ We were thrilled that several of our tenants joined us after hours for what we feel is the first of a series of great financial growth opportunities!1326843830149Brent from CredAbility teaches "Where Does my Money Go?"

Do you have an interest in partnering with us to offer financial wellness classes to our clients and/or introductory lessons on money for children?

Email Denice Harris:, or call 864.269.4663