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Today It's Not the Same; It's better.

Hi, my name is Steve. I’ve been on drugs in one form or another most my life. Just before I came to Homes of Hope I smoked marijuana and crystal meth. I was a real mess- I had just come off of a meth binge that lasted 3 or 4 months. Prior to that I had saved up more money than I’ve ever had my life and blew it all on drugs. I went from 170 pounds down do 110 pounds. I was staying at my parents’ house raising all kinds of sand. They sent me on to the Carolina Behavioral Center to an outpatient program but I had done so much meth I was still riding the wave; I was still kind of manic. I did good for about a month. I got a job but I came crashing back down. I lost my job, got depressed, had a hopeless outlook on life. I didn’t think it was ever going to get any better. I wasn’t motivated to do anything, even shower.

slippery-rock-076One day I talked to a friend of mine and he knew Homes of Hope staff and I was accepted into the program. I was still having trouble sleeping, I couldn’t sit still, and I was on some pretty heavy medication for sleep and mental health issues. Slowly but surely things began to get better with all the interaction with the other guys in the program, and pastors at Homes of Hope, and all the ladies in the office. Things were moving along well, getting better and better. I remember talking to the staff and and telling them that I didn’t think things would ever be the same as they were before, when I had my act together for about 3 years. But you know, today it’s not the same. It’s better than ever before because I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior- that’s what made all the difference.

009Homes of Hope played a big part in that; I really owe a lot to them. I’m so grateful, my life is so good now! I’ve got a good job, the highest paying job I’ve had in my life. I just bought a house, fixing to move in soon, which is a blessing from the Lord. I’m not sure if I can even put into words how much the Lord has blessed me beyond anything I could’ve even imagined. I want to be a blessing to others because I’m blessed. I just thank the Lord Jesus and Homes of Hope for helping me to have a second chance at life and to be saved. I don’t worry anymore because I know where I’m going to go. I have peace and joy now. Thank you so much for all your help.


The Homes of Hope’s Men’s Development program is a one-year residential job training and mentoring program with a focus on Christian discipleship. To date, Homes of Hope has served 278 men overcoming drug and alcohol addictions through this program. Learn more about their home, Gideon’s House, and their training through LoCAL Housing.