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What Makes Us Different: Our Housing Philosophy


The creation of affordable housing and the redevelopment of crumbling communities can't happen overnight. It takes strategy and purposed intention.

At Homes of Hope we've been developing affordable housing for fourteen years. We've learned a lot along the way, and our strategies have evolved as we've learned what works and what doesn't! 

Our overlaying Housing Philosophy is encompassed within these 4 key principles:

1) We believe in single family homes and the benefits of everyone having a front yard, back yard, and front porch for interacting with their neighbors
2) Poverty clusters don’t work—we believe in mixed income neighborhoods comprised of a healthy combination of affordable rental and market-rate homeownership units
3) We believe in neighborhood revitalization by:

  • Working with organized neighborhood associations first
  • Focusing on the strengths in the neighborhood, not the weaknesses
  • Helping the neighborhood eliminate areas where crime activities tend to happen, like dead-end streets
  • Connectivity, green space, walkability

4) Achieving good neighborhoods by housing good neighbors. Whether they are owners or renters, all are neighbors and a part of the neighborhood

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Homes of Hope has it spot-on! Involvement with and development of trusting relationships within the neighborhoods served is crucial. Offering housing options tailored to the "new family" through innovative design and quality product with attention to landscaping is a model approaching the best direction. This leaves a lasting legacy of truly thoughtful revitalization benefiting the entire community.

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