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After seventeen years of producing energy efficient and affordable housing in strategic neighborhoods throughout the state, Homes of Hope has recognized the need for increased community and economic impact. Seeing that connectivity to healthy and affordable food options, job opportunities, or transportation is often a problem for the families who live in our neighborhoods, we’ve been inspired to tackle this issue.

Venturing into mixed-use development is our opportunity to improve the quality of life of our housing clients and ensure their access to tools vital to life success, locally in their neighborhoods. Tangibly, this looks like grocery stores, job training facilities, & and other businesses related to community needs—developed by Homes of Hope in the same neighborhoods where we’ve also developed affordable housing. Some mixed-use developments will provide both commercial space, and residential space in one building—creating economic opportunities for small businesses, jobs for our clients, while also adding to the needed stock of affordable housing in our communities.

Income generated through our mixed-use development is used to offset our costs for producing affordable housing nearby, enormously important as government funding for housing development continues to shrink yearly. We’re proud of this sustainable model, and the opportunity to see neighborhoods truly thrive through affordable housing and economic opportunities for the families we serve.

Future projects are materializing in the Upstate and the Lowcountry.