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Bid Packet- Georgetown

Bid-2 Single Family Homes, 1 Stacked Flat Duplex
Georgetown, SC
Raised Slab
Porch to be included in Foundation
All to be Energy Star Certified

Please make sure you review and agree to all documents prior to placing your bid.

Itemized Bids are due on July 9, 2019 at 2pm to Horry County Community Development Office. Only bids received in person by the deadline, through hand delivery or courier will be considered. E-mailed bids will not be considered. Sealed bids should be enclosed and secured in an envelope/package and marked with "Homes of Hope Georgetown Bid"

Bids should be addressed to:
Horry County HOME Consortium
C/O Horry County Community Development
1515 Fourth Avenue
Conway, SC 29526

Bids will be opened publicly on July 9, 2019 at 2pm at the Horry County HOME Consortium. Bids must be itemized. In order to find the most responsive and responsible bidder, the winning bid will be selected through an evaluation process that may take up to 3 weeks. Winning bidder will be notified and the winning bid will be available upon request. Homes of Hope will not be responsible for unidentified bids.


Optional Pre-Bid Meeting

Bidders may choose to attend a pre-bid walkthrough on site (beginning at 1940 Emmanuel St). The Horry County HOME Consortium Housing Inspector and a representative from Homes of Hope will be present to answer any questions. Non-attendees are still eligible to submit a proposal but should have familiarized themselves with the site. 

This meeting will be on Tuesday, June 18, 2019 at 11:30am. 

Winning bidder may be required to attend a pre-construction meeting prior to execution of the construction agreement. This will provide an opportunity to review specific requirements, discuss any federal compliance requirements and collect any remaining documentation, and answer any final questions the winning bidder may have. 

Bid Instructions
Specs should be deferred to in any difference between plans and specs

Endel A

Site Plan - 1940 Emmanuel St
Site Plan - 2120 Emmanuel St
Site Plan - 522 Nowell St 

Structural Details
Winning bidder will receive original signed copy of structural documents
1940 Emmanuel St
2120 Emmanuel St
522 Nowell St


Bid Requirements

Any bid package addendums will be posted below and e-mailed to anyone on the bid list. Please notify Julia Boland if you would like to be added to the bid list. 



Bid packets should include the following:

  • Bids in any amount must be accompanied by a bid security (cashier’s check) made payable to Owner (Homes of Hope) in an amount of five percent (5%) of the bidder’s maximum bid price, or in the form of a Bid Bond duly executed by the bidder as principal and issued by a surety authorized to conduct business in the State of South Carolina. If utilizing a bid security in lieu of a bid bond, the bidder must agree to the terms and conditions as stated in the bid bond form by completing the required form. All bidders must be able to obtain Payment and Performance Bonds, if selected. Bid Bonds and Powers of Attorney must be submitted in original form as issued by the surety. Bidders that submit copies of these documents instead of originals may subject their bids to being deemed non-responsive. When bids are awarded, Homes of Hope will return immediately all checks, except those of the successful bidder. Any cost of the bonds should be included as the same as other necessary items not specifically quantified on the Bid Form.
  • Bidders must submit work write up forms breaking down the line-item costs for the 1001 Plan, Endel Plan, and Duplex Plan.
  • Due to the use of HOME funds, bidders must be willing to complete and adhere to all required HOME documentation. Bidders must include these forms with their bid.
  • 200-Day timeline for development (specific dates will be required by winning bidder once footers are in). 

Post Award the following documentation will be required:

  • Contractor must have General Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation. Upon award, builder must provide a COI with Homes of Hope as the certificate holder and listed as additional insured. 
  • A performance bond is required to guarantee units are constructed. This bond must be equal to the full amount of the construction contract. 
  • A labor and materials payment bond is required to ensure that all subcontractors and material suppliers are paid for their services. This bond must be equal to the full amount of the construction contract.
  • Once footers are in- the timeline for development should be updated with specific dates which must include, at minimum, dates for foundation completion, framing completion, rough-in completion, drywall completion, flooring completion and COs. 
  • Bidder will complete these Section 3 reporting forms at a later date.

Any questions should be submitted in writing to Julia Boland at by July 2, 2019.