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Monthly Tours

Once a month Homes of Hope hosts a forty-five minute tour led by Don Oglesby, our President/CEO. The tour is on the last Thursday of every month at 1:30pm and begins at our office at 3 Dunean Street. Ambassadors of Homes of Hope invite their friends, family members and business associates for this small group session. 

The purposes of these tours are to inform and inspire.

INFORM: To show interested members of the community the strategies behind affordable housing, community development, and workforce development, not just the outputs of them.

INSPIRE: To show these same folks the actual life-change that results when these strategies are executed.

After the tour we will follow up with guests, with permission, to answer any questions, hear what they thought about the program, and ask if they would like to become more involved.

Please email David Peebles or call at 864.546.4645 to reserve your seat!